About the project

Your new life at
Ambera Duquesa

At Ambera Duquesa and in its close vicinity, you will find everything you need for a meaningful, fun and happy life: an activity centre, sports facilities, golf, hotel and clubhouse. All have a modern design based on contemporary Scandinavian style. Add to this ample space to connect with the natural beauty that surrounds the community.

Designed for an active lifestyle

The masterplan of Ambera Duquesa will be designed with an active community in mind, balancing between residential comfort, easy access to activities and amenities, and blending the topography of the landscaped gardens with the natural beauty of the Andalusian hills.

Ambera Duquesa puts at your disposal impressive, attractive and modern apartments, specifically built according to own guidelines for active adults to satisfy all your needs. Ambera homes are designed for all year-round use, with many storage options, spacious living rooms, and functional spaces that will come in handy for longer stays. They are your safe and private retreats in a community where everything revolves around a social and active life, and sharing sensations and experiences with other like-minded people – as much or as little as you want, every day.


The Ambera Activity Centre is the cornerstone of Ambera Duquesa. This community centre offers residents a wide range of activities of all kinds. Here you will always find people from the community to jointly engage in many fun activities, from playing tennis or riding a motorcycle to learning Spanish or dancing salsa. All these activities will be included in the community fee. Additionally, the Ambera Activity Centre offers supplementary services like a restaurant, fullservice concierge, co-working space, and rental management.

Our Lifestyle Directors

Ambera offers a wide range of activities, and organising them is more than a full-time job. This is where the Lifestyle Directors come in. They are responsible for helping to plan and run all activities that take place in the Ambera communities.

Our Lifestyle Directors are the heart of Ambera. Hand-picked, they are all helpful, positive, and skilled at what they do. They maintain a calendar of all events, and help everyone who lives in an Ambera community to organise and plan funfilled, exciting days – all you have to do is decide whether or not to join in.


Nestled between two stunning beaches, bars and restaurants, is La Duquesa – halfway between Marbella and Gibraltar. La Duquesa Marina is an exclusive marina that is quietly located – away from the hustle and bustle you usually expect to find on the Costa del Sol.

From the marina there are several sandy beaches that stretch many kilometers down to Playa Casares with a promenade over to Sabinillas which offers a wide range of facilities.

What kind of groups and activities can I expect to find in Ambera Duquesa?

Stay active, contribute to your community, and meet like-minded people by simply doing what you love to do. Whether you are an avid sculptor or a hiking enthusiast, every day provides an opportunity to explore your passion.

Most activities are run by our community members and our staff are very helpful, so practically everything is possible. Here are some of the activities we know many of you look forward to:

  • Spanish Class

  • Dance Lessons

  • Mountain Biking

  • Tennis Tournament

  • Wine Tasting

… This is just a selection of the many activities you, our community, have told us you want. Remember – if it’s not on the list, you can create it!

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