A new type of community

Ambera is a new player in the real estate market, emphasising innovation and thinking differently. We’ve seen that many people have a strong desire for community and shared experiences – both within their own generations and between generations – that isn’t met by today’s housing developments. That is why we build Homes with Communities.

We’ve also seen that most people want to be able to try new things, or pursue the things they care about. We want to give everyone these opportunities – the chance to Choose your Future.

Our goal is to challenge the way modern families and active people live, by focusing solely on these groups, and developing projects tailored to their needs.

Why are we doing this?

Because life is about people and connections between people. It is people who create societies, not buildings.

The founders of Ambera, Jan Olav Frestad and Falko Müller-Tyl, started by focusing on two challenges many people face: loneliness, and the search for a more meaningful life.

Americans have made great progress with these issues, with more than 2000 Active Communities, where residents live less lonely, more meaningful lives. The Ambera team has visited more than 100 of these projects in the US, and has seen first-hand how happy they make people. This is our single greatest motivation for bringing this type of community to Europe.


What are we offering?

Ambera creates full-fledged communities, i.e. housing developments with 800+ units, with an Activity Centre, and other communal areas. We combine all these elements to form a self-contained town, which we call an Ambera Community. This is, in essence, our “hardware”.

Alongside physically building the towns, we also ensure that our communities run and operate smoothly. We hire and train a “Lifestyle Director” for each community – a person with an inclusive personality who works with residents to plan and run a variety of events and activities. The Lifestyle Director invites people to both take part in and contribute to the community, and is concerned, among other things, with health, wellness, inclusivity, and the safety of our residents. We think of this person like our “software”.

Based on our research into US communities, we have put together a comprehensive design handbook that effectively gives us a “recipe” for planning, building, and running an Ambera community, while catering to European culture and lifestyle habits.

What is our measure of success?

At Ambera, we take all dimensions of sustainability seriously, beginning with the social dimension – the core of the Ambera concept. It is here we will truly set ourselves apart from other real estate developers who could deliver buildings with external shared facilities – and it is here we will measure our success.

We will also deliver on the environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability. Being environmentally conscious is something we take as a given, and without making money, a company cannot survive in the long term.

Ambera will be a success if our residents thrive in our communities, live social, active, and meaningful lives, and engage in the community. If we see the same passion for life in our projects as we’ve seen in the US, then we will have come a long way towards achieving our goals.

Who are we?

Ambera’s multinational team is comprised of experienced real estate developers, communications and marketing strategists, architects, and specialist consultants in various fields. All have international experience, and contribute to Ambera’s long-term vision of becoming a market leader in Europe.

Our team is made up of people of different genders, age groups, and interests, so our team members contribute a wide range of views on how best to create and run our projects.

For investors, we have around 100 enthusiasts who have great faith in our concept. The largest investors are Christen Bakke and Arild Karlsen, who – in addition to our founders and everyone in our team – contribute their experience to Ambera’s direction. So we are prepared for future expansion, Ambera has built up a network of large investment funds in London who are ready to invest when we need it.