Do you want to see the plot and the area around Duquesa?

Meet us in the area!

Do you want to see the plot where Ambera Duquesa will be built, and the surrounding area? If you are in Spain you can book a guided tour with us!

What do we do on a guided tour?

  • We will meet at an agreed place where we will pick you up. We make sure you get all the information you need about the property and the area.
  • You get a tour of the site and a good overview of where the first construction phase will become a reality!
  • We show you the nearest attractions, such as the golf course in La Duquesa, the Marina or better known as ‘Puerto La Duquesa’, neighboring towns and restaurants.
  • Feel free to ask us about anything you might be wondering!

When can we meet?

Below you will find dates we are in the area and can meet you.


  • Monday 4/4
  • Saturday 23/4


  • Friday 27/5
  • Saturday 28/5


  • Saturday 18/6
  • Monday 27/6


  • Saturday 9/7
  • Saturday 30/7

Contact us!

Contact us at to arrange a personal guided tour. We can also find another date, if needed.

We are also helpful in booking hotels nearby and if you need help with transportation to and from the airport.